Feb 1st VPS (Virtual Private Servers) Added To Our Offer

Dear Fellow Bitcoiners,

We have added VPS (Virtual Private Servers) to our offer so now you can enjoy our servers from 10 EUR a month and going up to 24 GB of RAM.

I hope you appreciate this addition to our offer.


Jan 18th Free Testing Servers Added

Dear Fellow Bitcoiners,Over the past couple of days we received numerous requests in which you would like to test the actual server to check out it's network is not oversold, that the server is not oversold, etc, etc - simply you wanted to get a "hands on" experience - and we understand it.To get a testing server for up to 24 hours please just ... Read More »

Jan 17th Setup Fees For Dedicated Servers Reduced

Dear Fellow Bitcoiners,

The setup fee for all Dedicated servers was reduced by up to 50 %.

More great news coming soon ;)

Stay tuned.


Jan 15th Get Server With 2 TB HDD For The Price Of 1 TB HDD

Dear Fellow Bitcoiners,As there is currently shortage of Play/KS-2A (Atom/1TB HDD) we decided to temporarily offer the server with double the disk space: Play/KS-2E (Atom/2TB HDD) for the price of the 1 TB one which is now only 25 EUR/month + you will also get 25 % discount on the setup fee.Interested?Then just order the server via this link^ ... Read More »

Jan 12th Affiliate Program Launched

Dear Fellow Bitcoiners,It's my pleasure to announce that we launched our affiliate program.The conditions are following: Affiliate signup bonus is 10 EUR, we pay out once you reach at least 50 EUR (we will send you equivalent in BTC). We pay out on recurring basis (as the customer you brought in pays). Commission is very generous - in two ... Read More »

Jan 3rd Site is Live for public - 8 years after Genesis block

Dear Fellow Bitcoiners,Today is the day when the site is going live for public and it's been 8 years since the 1st Bitcoin block was mined (AKA Genesis block) we thought it's fair to offer 8 % discount on your 1st order with us.Just use bitcoin8years as the code during checkout and the 8 % will be applied for the 1st billing period - only first ... Read More »

Sep 1st Welcome to the New Age

Dear Fellow Bitcoiners,Our team believes that at this time Bitcoin is mature enough to offer this service as Bitcoin exclusive - as of today we are at 0.01 % adoption. We don't accept the plastic relict from the 50s also known as credit cards, PayPal or even more awful bank transfers which take days to process - we are here Bitcoin only, not ... Read More »

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