Free Shared Hosting (Webhosting & Emails) provided for all who have projects in Crypto industry.

Shared Hosting Start (Free)

This is a free hosting provided for anyone who plans to launch or has a project running in the Crypto or Blockchain space.

* CONTROL PANEL 1x ISPConfig (free open source control panel)
* DISK SPACE 5 GB (shared for everything - website, databases, emails - soft limit)
* EMAILS unlimited
* FTP unlimited
* DATABASES unlimited
* PORT 100 Mbps, TRAFFIC 200 GB (soft limit)
* TECHNOLOGY PHP 5.6 & MySQL/MariaDB, for full specs please check -
* BACKUPS - hosting is provided on best effort basis, you do your own backups.
* SUPPORT - provided on best effort basis - we expect that you know what you're doing.
* You agree to provide ad & link to our hosting on your homepage - "Powered by CPH.TO" (this will be checked on regular basis).
* Please do not abuse the soft limits - we are all intelligent people and we are happy to discuss your situation.
* Please do not host anything outright illegal on this free hosting, thank you.

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