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Can I host ... at your servers?

As per our Terms of Service (TOS):
You are allowed to host:
  • Sites that are not outright illegal in "western" world
  • Legal Torrents (not illegal torrents such as warez)
  • Adult sites (as long as they are legal in country where the server is located)
It's grey area to host/operate/run (you may get suspended and it might bring you other trouble):
  • IRC
  • VPN
  • TOR exit node
It's not allowed to host or use the service for (you will be suspended and given up to authorities if we have to):
  • Anything illegal in 'western' world (that includes spam, warez, child porn and others)
  • Hacking other systems
  • Attempting DoS on other systems

Where are your servers located?

We use OVH datacenters in France and Canada.

Do you provide some test files I can download to speedtest your network?

Sure! Feel free to download following files and run ping or traceroute:

 Location  Hostname  Test Download
France - Europe
fr.speedtest.cph.to France-100MB
Canada - East Coast (Beauharnois) ca.speedtest.cph.to Canada-100MB

What speed can I expect from your servers towards my current systems?

We are happy to do a wget, ping or traceroute from our testing systems located in France and Canada. Please contact us for details.

Can I actually test your server for a few hours for free?

Sure you can. Please place an "order" for one of our testing servers here - it's not an actual order it's FREE product (no payment is made). If we suspect fraud we reserve the right to do additional account verification or to not provide testing server altogether.

I don't know much about Linux or servers, can you manage the server for me?

Short answer - no. We provide reasonably priced service for reasonable professionals - so please only order the server if you know what you doing (our server should not be your first server ever). However, if you experience certain difficulties that you cannot manage on your own (ie. lost access to SSH) we will provide a helping hand and investigate for you. Maybe some day in the future we will provide fully managed services.

How does your affiliate program work?

  • Affiliate signup bonus is 10 EUR, we pay out once you reach at least 50 EUR (we will send you equivalent in BTC).
  • We pay out on recurring basis (as the customer you brought in pays).
  • Commission is very generous - in two digits (percentages), we understand the importance of our affiliates and we are not greedy.
  • Special discount/coupon codes available - contact us for details and to open a new account.

What's the server delivery time?

If you have been already verified via SMS or documents and server is in stock then the server will be installed for you in 1 - 8 hours. If the server is not in stock it depends on the server range, typical delivery times are following:
Play Dedicated Servers - delivery time 1 - 7 days
Start Dedicated Servers - delivery time 1 - 3 days
Enterprise Dedicated Servers - delivery time 1 - 2 days

For current stock details and delivery times please contact us.

What are your payment methods? (AKA can I use wire transfer & fiat currencies?)

We are 100 % Bitcoin only. Technically we might be bound by legislation to take fiat as well and for trolls enforcing fiat payments we prepared special fees and conditions:
  • Flat 100 000 EUR installation fee for any server that is ordered and paid by bank wire transfer (not Bitcoin), equivalent in other currencies available on request (USD, CHF, etc..)
  • Flat 100 000 EUR monthly fee, minimum billing period is quarterly as it's administratively difficult for us to handle these requests - of course paid in advance.
  • Fiat payment (bank transfer) is available only for corporations (we will not sell our services to individuals for fiat).
  • Strictly no refund under any circumstances for bank wire transfers.
  • These conditions are subject to change at anytime - please contact us for current quote.

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